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Pray for Pow Mein!

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

While we help ourselves to pow mein, remember to help others.

Wyatt (the handsome one in this picture) wanted me to help him pray for more apples in his basket. I obliged.

Wyatt arrived in 2020 at the Equine Advocates farm in Chatham, NY.

Last fall, I was the co-emcee with actress Bebe Neuwirth for Equine Advocates' virtual gala and fundraiser. EA is hoping to raise enough money to feed their 80+ rescue horses for the winter, like Wyatt.

Wyatt was abandoned and possibly headed for slaughter.

Now, Wyatt and the other horses at EA will live out their lives on this beautiful farm with their friends.

You can still donate to Equine Advocates by going to their website,

The honoree of last night's gala was singer Willie Nelson, who owns over 70 rescued horses.

Watch this great video with Willie Nelson, singing "Ride Me Back Home."

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