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This is My Beach!


Howelsen Hill is legend. It is the "other" ski area in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Howelsen Hill, though, is the oldest continually operating ski area in the United States. Since 1915, it has placed 89 skiers on the U.S. Olympic team.
The Hill runs on a shoestring budget. Dave Innes, for example, helps run a program that lets 2nd graders ski for free twice each year. They also have Free Skiing for everyone each Sunday!

If you're thinking of spendng a week in
Browns Park, Colorado, consider getting your hands on one of these. It's the only roof you'll find when it rains and it has a two-burner stove to make coffee in the morning.


We sure appreciate the crowd at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs.


We just enjoyed another interview with Caitlin Irla on Newschannel 13 Weekend Today. She's a lot of fun on weekend mornings!

Congratulations to Sue Hart Rainka on the opening of The Book Nook,
in Ballston Lake, NY
off Exit
11. She's got a great collection of second hand books (and one new one of mine, but I think her husband got first dibs).

book nook.jpg

  Great time spent with    readers in Bethlehem   at Spinney at Van Dyke.

  I meet lots of readers at the Book House at Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany. An author always fears the possibility of zero attendance at a book signing. So, I'm grateful to all those who show up.

West Books.jpg

 We had a great book signing at
    West Mountain Ski Resort
              in Queensbury.
   This picture, I can't decide if I    resemble a snake oil salesman    or someone luring Hansel and        Gretel to an evil cottage.

    My old friend and                former co-anchor,  
     Subrina Dhammi,
visited at West Mountain.
A lot of great memories.

Subrina at West_edited.jpg

It never gets old, receiving that first box of books. 

Julie & Me.jpg

       Fellow author, Barbara Fournier, wrote "Now Say You're Sorry." In her spare time, she looks after the rest of us. She's      sort of the writer's Den Mom.

     At the Saratoga Book           Festival. My friend         Julie Chapman wrote a       fun children's book,
      "Witches, Bats, and
          Mystical Cats."


Had a great time in Sun Valley, where Back Dirt was honored by the International Skiing History Association!

Listen to Phil's interview on North Country Public Radio with Mitch Teich. Click on the NCPR icon and scroll down to Phil's name.

WAMC Radio.jfif

Listen to Phil's radio interview on WAMC about Back Dirt. To listen, click WAMC icon.

  Thanks to everyone we met on our
         Midwest Mountain Tour!
  We did some skiing in Wisconsin.
   I mean, we didn't spend the entire   time consuming warm drinks inside
   a plastic igloo. But that wasn't the                    worst of it, either!

GG igloo.JPG

     At Saratoga Book Festival, sharing a moment with Saratoga author Hollis Palmer. Authors Kim Van Alkemade and Armando Lucas Correa are behind us.

Better Hollis.jpg
newslink story.jpg

Getting The Word Out In Colorado!
                                                     Hit the image to read article.

 Thanks to HOF extreme skiing         pioneer, Dan Egan, for having
            me on his podcast.

ski talk.jpg
vail daily.jpg

Great to get attention from the Vail Daily!

Thanks for the article in the great newspaper of Loveland, Colorado!

loveland reporter herald.jpg
  We were thrilled to help raise
   money, in an internationally      streamed TV event, to feed        their horses for the winter, at   the farm of Equine Advocates,              in Chatham, NY.
Cab designs cover.JPG

     This has been a team effort.
    My wife, Carolyn, designed the
     covers of WITCH WINDOW, 
   BACK DIRT and LOVING LUCY,          with Debbi Wraga of Shires Press.

EA fundraiser.jpg
 Murder On Skis was the #1 selling book in 2020, at
     JP WOOLIES at the 
    Big Sky Ski Resort in 
      I met store owner                 Tucker Vanyo    and signed some books,   after a day on the slopes.
2big sky.jpg
CPN cover.JPG
daily inter lake.png
        Thanks! To the Daily Inter Lake                newspaper in Kalispell,  Montana, for                            their kind  mention.
 Grateful to the great crew at Clifton Park Neighbors magazine. They brought us up to West Mountain and did a photo shoot!
  It was a lot of fun. BTW, those Blizzard GS skis Rip!
  Thank You! To Ann Perillo, for having me on her television show, each year, 'Schenectady-Capital Region Today.' 
schenectady today.jpeg
    WATCH! Phil's interview with Asa Stackel and                     on Newschannel 13's Forum 13!  
            Watch the interview by clicking on                                       Newschannel 13 logo>>>>
nc13 logo.png
  A fond memory with Chuck, George and Kelly on their great morning show on WGY radio! 
kelly and chuck.png

             Dog Gone!
   Moose, my favorite Labrador                 Reader, has passed.
               She was a doll.

mos moose.JPG
   Fun Interview with Peter and Nick on KGVO newstalk radio in Missoula, Montana.  We had a good time discussing my book and sharing some stories. 
tu logo.jpg
  Thanks to the Times Union for putting us in the Sunday Books section. 
 Thanks to Kristi Guftafson Barlette for adding us to her Fun Blog at the Times!
kristie TU.JPG
newspaper article.JPG
Thanks to the Saratogian and the Record for great coverage, letting readers know that our book was coming!

 I'm grateful to Cynthia Pooler for allowing me time on her podcast 'Focus on Albany'.  It was a fun conversation:

logo Valley Journal.png
       Thank you to the Valley Journal in Lake County, Montana for their article!

  Capital Region Living Magazine
        gave me a nice farewell,
when I chose to leave television.

CRL cover.JPG
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