race suit.JPG
     Summer is fun, but I can't wait to be back on the snow! 
     We've spent the summer months camping in Colorado, greeting TS Elsa in Nantucket and lounging on Long Island.
     But, I'm mountain biking and back in the weight room, getting ready for winter.

     And I have to admit, I became kind of attached to my Covid-safety ski mask. I didn't mind pulling it up over my face when the wind found me captive on a chairlift. A mask may be a permanent addition to my ski outfit.
     I'm really excited about the coming release of BACK DIRT: A Murder on Skis Mystery. JC Snow will be back in the sequel to LOVING LUCY and MURDER on SKIS. I think BACK DIRT is my best yet!
     So, enjoy the beach, for now. Bring a book! I'll see you back on the snow. That's MY beach.
          BTW, this pix shows off my old racing suit and my old mustache!