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Cochran Magic!

My jaw dropped when I walked in the ski lodge at Cochran's Ski Area in Richmond, Vermont. The history of the First Family of U.S. skiing literally hangs overhead in the cafeteria.

Those planks in the upper right hand corner of this picture are the Rossignols that Barbara Ann Cochran wore to win an Olympic gold medal in slalom. And the bibs hanging from the ceiling were worn by the Cochrans in various World Cup competitions.

Barbara's son, Ryan Cochran Seigle, won a silver medal in the China Olympics. Barbara's sister, Marilyn, won a World Cup season championship in giant slalom. Brother Bob was also a winner on the World Cup circuit. And little sister Lindy also raced in the Olympics.

Mom and dad, Ginny and Mickey Cochran built the ski hill and turned it into Cochran's ski Area. Mickey spent time as the U.S. Ski Team's Alpine Director and highly successful coach of the University of Vermont ski team.

These days, the Cochrans run a program at the family ski hill introducing snow skiing to children who have never had the chance.

Cochran Ski Area is a museum of Cochran magic.

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