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Witch Window uncoils across Vermont        and the Capital Region of New York.
   Book #4 in the Murder on Skis Mysteries.                                    (2022)

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           Back Dirt plunges down the
              Adirondacks of New York
    and the foothills of Northern Colorado.
  Book #3 in the Murder on Skis Mysteries.                                   (2021)

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    Just wrapped up a business   meeting with the brains of this     operation, my wife Carolyn, in          Fort Collins, Colorado
   at the New Belgium Brewery.

   I loved being in Sun Valley, where the International Skiing History Association
recognized BACK DIRT at their banquet!
     Amazing people and a great organization. Read their magazine! Check it out at 

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Amy Conway has a pretty sharp
eye. She nailed the location of the fictional Battle Ax Ski Resort                in BACK DIRT!

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Thank you for the great turnout
         at our book signing at
    Vischer Ferry General Store. 
       Great meeting everyone.
         We sold out of books!

  (But there are more, at bookstores,      Amazon, and even on this site!)

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Workng hard or hardly working?
   Research in Vermont while            preparing Witch Window.
   It will be out in November. It        looks like this JC Snow episode
     is kind of being fueled by 
               Old Engine Oil.

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   "Chock full of exhilarating              twists and turns."
- Saratoga Living Magazine

            Our thanks to
   Saratoga Living Magazine 
   for naming us a "Hot Read"
        for the winter (Page 78).

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Thanks to everyone we met on our          Midwest Mountain Tour!
   We did some skiing. I mean, the            whole time wasn't spent              consuming warm drinks inside a           plastic igloo. But those
weren't the worst moments, either.


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  "He introduces us to a       very patient dead body         and gives us just a          shimmer of hope that           our suspicions are                      wrong".
Simply Saratoga Magazine

     My thanks to Joe Donahue
        for my interview on
             WAMC Radio.
  To listen, click on WAMC icon.

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   Wonderful time at book signing at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga     Springs. Thanks to all who came.
           We closed the place!

               I had a great time on
          North Country Public Radio.                Thanks to host Mitch Teich!
            To listen to the interview,
          click on the NCPR logo and 
            scroll down to my name.

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"Phil Bayly spins a captivating yarn.
An engaging story that will leave mystery buffs satisfied and eagerly awaiting the author's next ski mystery."

-Reader's Favorite

                          Grateful to
        Clifton Park Neighbors magazine
          for their article on BACK DIRT.
          Look for the November edition.

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New LL Cover.jpg

    Check out the new cover for Loving Lucy!
The story unfolds in Colorado. A state senator     from New York is a murder suspect and is             tracked to his hiding place in Colorado.
     Book #2 in the Murder on Skis Mysteries                                       (2020).

    Loving Lucy made the shortlist for                the 2021 Murder & Mayhem Award,   determined by Chanticleer Book Reviews!

           "A must-read, hang on to your chair lift!"  - The Grateful Traveler
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"Bayly draws on his experience covering real crimes.. a chilling mystery." - Vail Daily
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    Thrilled to be in Halley         O'Brien's Snow Report Show!
      Our favorite ski show. 
  Watch our favorite episode!
        Thank you, Halley!
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 Five stars! "My only disappointment     was (that) the story ended!"
  - RCXcellent Adventures
 Glory lives in Montana. She       likes napping and reading.
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"Murder on Skis is a must-read
       for all fans of a good 
      murder mystery book."

     - Trudi LoPreto, Readers' Favorite Five Star Review!

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  A "snow princess" is found dead at a ski resort in Montana. There may be a serial killer at the winter hot spot.
   Book #1 in the Murder on
       Skis Mysteries (2019)

"This is a fabulous novel.. A fantastic writer and story teller.  It's      amazing when a story stays with you for days.  It's a gift.  " 
       Deirdre Stoelzle, Author of "Branded, The Making of a Wyoming Cowgirl"                        

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Also available at beloved independent book stores and most great bookstores, online.

"A great page turner. I'm going to suggest it to my book club!"

      -Peggy Shinn, author of "World Class,

The Making of the U.S. Women's Cross-Country

Ski Team"

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Moose lives in Rhode Island. She likes to play and read.

Eddie lives in Canada. He likes to hang by the p0ol                    and read.
"It's not just about skiing. More than you think. Excellent read."
                  - RCXcellent Adventures